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Conservation Rate

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At Broad River Electric, a home that meets our standards for energy efficiency qualifies for a lower energy rate. There are many ways to conserve energy in your home.

When you install energy-efficient appliances, such as heat pumps and high-efficiency water heaters, you minimize energy consumption. Some of the new heat pumps use half as much power as those made 10 to 15 years ago. And today's water heaters are better insulated to retain the heat longer.

Adding insulation to your home also makes a big difference. When ceiling, walls, and floors are properly insulated, they do a better job of keeping heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Insulating your hot water pipes will prevent heat loss along their length.

It's the same with windows: windows insulated with thermal panes or storm windows minimize heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Broad River Electric Cooperative's Energy Conservation Rate is our reward to you for having your home energy efficient. How do you know whether your home meets the requirements? By having an on-site inspection.

If your home does not meet the requirements for our Energy Conservation Rate, don't worry. We'll tell you what it will take to meet the requirements to earn the rate. And we can even lend you up to $1,500 to bring your home up to our energy-efficiency standards or up to the most cost-effective level.

Buildings need the following levels of energy efficiency to qualify for the energy conservation rate:


Item: Requirements

  • Insulation
  • Ceiling R-38
  • Exterior walls R-12
  • Floors R-19
  • Floor, slab on grade (R-6) either 2" of perimeter insulation installed at the edge of the slab and extending down 24" or L-type insulation extending down 12" and under 12"
  • Ducts (unconditioned area) insulated to R-8
  • Hot-water pipes (unconditioned area) insulated, completely covered, and well sealed
  • Windows: thermal, caulked
  • Outside doors: storm or insulated, weatherstripped
  • Water heater: must be 30 gallons or larger, must be electric water heater, must be ASHRAE 90 or have jacket in unconditioned area
  • Fireplace:/chimney damper tight fit
  • Attic ventilation: 1 square foot opening for each 150 square feet of attic
  • Heating and air conditioning systems: homes must have electric heat pump with SEER value of 14.0 or higher and HSPF of 8.2 or higher
  • Mobile homes: All mobile homes must be underpinned and must be certified by the manufacturer to meet the insulation requirements listed above
Call the Co-op office toll-free at (866) 687-2667 to set up an appointment to have your home inspected. You’ll be glad you did.
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