Storm Central


We at Broad River Electric Cooperative take pride in the service we provide. We wish the power could stay on all the time. But that is not possible. Often the power goes out during a storm. In most cases, we can restore power in a short time.

Once in a while, however, there is an ice storm, tornado, tropical storm, or hurricane that comes through our area and creates huge amounts of damage. In these cases, it may take us a lot longer to restore power. It's a good idea for you to keep some emergency items on hand, especially during hurricane season.

In the be prepared section, we provided you with precautions you might want to take and a list of things you might want to have in your home in the case of an extended outage.

In a power emergency, you'll want to report outages to us as quickly as possible.



In Cherokee County, the number to call is (864) 489-5738.

In the other counties in our service area, call (866) COOP OUT or (866) 266-7688.

You can also text your outage. Find out more here. 

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