Hilarity for Charity '14

A Great Night of Laughter

Joey I.L.O. and  Mike Goodwin provided a great night of laughter for approximately 300 attendees at the fifth annual Hilarity for Charity Comedy Benefit. Although we are not ready to release dollar totals, we know that it was a successful fundraiser for  Jerusalem Project Ministries.

We would like to thank all those who participated and supported this great event, especially Broad River Electric employees, local churches and youth pastors, and our many sponsors. 

The event is presented by Broad River Electric Charities, a non-profit subsidiary of Broad River Electric Cooperative whose purpose is to raise and distribute funds to other non-profits and charities in Union, Cherokee, and Spartanburg.

All proceeds from Hilarity for Charity will benefit  which is now operating in Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union Counties. Jerusalem Project is a local mission effort to help those that may not be able to help themselves (whether physically or financially). It partners local church youth groups from across denominations along with local organizations and businesses to complete projects throughout their area.


For more information visit these relevant websites:

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