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Help With Solar

MySCSolar Logo Broad River Electric and South Carolina’s 19 other electric co-ops are shining a light on solar energy with a new informational website for consumers,

As a trusted source for reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible electricity for more than 75 years, the 20 independent, consumer-owned and not-for-profit electric cooperatives developed the website to help consumers make informed decisions about investing in solar power, proper installation and safety. The website is aimed at helping consumers now that technological improvements, lower prices and a new state law have paved the way to making residential solar energy systems more accessible to South Carolina homeowners.

+The site includes useful information like: 

Broad River Electric offers Net Metering for members with solar systems attached to their meter: 

The Net metering rider allows you to receive monthly full retail-value energy credits for the power your system generates beyond what you consume. These credits can be carried over to the next month until June, when they will be zeroed out.

NOTE: There is a $5 per KW monthly charge based on your PV system's nameplate rating. This charge is waived until 2025. 

Members with solar generation are required to fill out the attached interconnection agreement; pay a one-time interconnection fee of $100; show proof of required liability insurance (see document)


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