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Don't Get Scammed


  • Broad River Electric has been notified that an individual has called a member attempting to acquire personal information by offering a "reward" for paying bills on time.  Broad River Electric does not have such a program. 
  • AT OTHER CO-OPS: Scam artists will call a home or business posing as a co-op or utility employee and threaten to shut off service in a matter of hours unless the consumer provides immediate payment, often by prepaid debit card. Small businesses, restaurants and Spanish-speaking consumers have all been targeted by this scheme in recent months.

The following is a list of policies and practices of which our members should be aware to help protect them from such scams.  
  • Broad River Electric Cooperative (BREC) does not offer rewards, incentives for paying bills on time
  • BREC staff, or representatives of BREC, would not contact members in an effort to seek personal information over the phone. All information needed for our operations was acquired in person during initial account setup.*
  • We may call some former members and attempt to verify an address for a consumer refund check when we receive a check back in the mail or a bill that has been returned
  • We ask for SSN or DL for verification IF a member is calling to make a change to their account
  • BREC will not call or email you asking to share your account number or password. Do not share this information with anyone
  •  BREC will not contact you by phone to DISCUSS the termination of service or request bill payment.  BREC will send out automated phone notifications as payment reminders if service termination is pending.
  • BREC does not collect payment “in the field.” Payment should be made using the following methods:
  1.  At our offices in Gaffney and Boiling Springs
  2.  At our pay stations throughout our territory
  3. Online 
  4. Via Phone  (1-866-OUR-COOP or 866-687-2667)

If you think have been scammed or a scam attempt has perpatrated upon you, please contact local law enforcement.


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